Design, graphics, layout, and print management services are billed at the same hourly rate of US$65, or $50 for organizations in low and lower-middle income countries (World Bank ranking). Before beginning a project, Walker will work with you to set a project budget and will bill only for hours worked.

Unlike some design studios, JWd does not mark up outside services such as web hosting fees or printing costs, but only charges for actual time worked.

To organizations and offices based in low and lower-middle income countries, Jeff Walker Design offers a reduced hourly rate of $50.
Walker works with a number of printers in the US, Indonesia, and India. All are comfortable with remote job management and distance is not an issue.

Response time for routine web updates is generally 24 hours or less.

Jeff Walker Design can assist with domain name registration and site hosting procurement or can work with your existing web site host. Unless otherwise requested, a US-based hosting company will be recommended. If web hosting is obtained for you, you will own the domain.

All original work belongs to the client and electronic files will be provided on request. No original design is ever reused for another client's project.

Bogor, Indonesia, around the corner from the JWd studio, 2007-2011